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Top Tips to Make your Home More Valuable and Sell it Quicker

If you want to prepare your home for a sale, you will need to do a few things to make it have a better chance on the market:

Declutter But Keep it Personal

You should get rid of items that get in the way. Put them in storage, sell them, give them away or throw them in the rubbish. Consider removing the bulkier furniture that makes the rooms seem smaller and replace it with smaller, leaner furniture if you can. People often find it difficult to imagine the property they live in portrayed in a different light. You don’t need to make it look like something generic, but you should leave some of its personality behind. It gives unimaginative buyers something to connect to on how the rooms may look like. People often buy a property as much as they buy into the idea of a lifestyle. If you are looking to clear out items, you should get a rubbish removal service to do it for you. This will spare you a lot of the work involved in the process.

Giving Things a Fresh Coat of Paint

Giving the walls of your home a nice bit of neutral paint coat will make your home seem bigger and more filled with light. It enables the viewers to imagine their take on the rooms that fit their needs. It will be easier for them to move around and use the rooms right away, instead of having them feel uneasy about certain colours or looks.

Maximising Kerb Appeal

Kerb appeal is the way of leaving a lasting impression, something most buyers will be affected by when they make up their minds in the first few minutes of witnessing a property. The most important feature of kerb appeal remains the well-maintained windows and roof combination, ensuring they are in great condition and looking as good as possible. Well-maintained front gardens, a fresh coat of paint in the front of the home, fences, pathways and everything else needs to be prepared. You should see how much it costs to get your exterior prepared for a sale.

Fixing and Cleaning

If there are minor repairs to be done, such as holes in walls, cracked tiles, broken doorknobs, threadbare or torn carpets and so forth, then you need to get them done. Many buyers also want to move in without making changes, so you should allow that as part of the deal. Clean everything that needs cleaning, get rid of limescale, clean and repair the tile grout, get rid of unpleasant odours, hang up fresh towels, wax the floors, and whatever needs to be done.
You should tidy up the garden by cleaning the patio and furniture of any dirt and lichen, cut the bushes and grass back and prepare things for a sale. Though this won’t add any value to your home, you can still make it more likely to sell as people will enjoy imagining themselves in the garden.

Updating the Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important room in a house, as it is usually the most used in our daily lives. Consider working on refacing the kitchen cabinetry, as it offers you a much cheaper alternative than installing new ones. Upgrading the kitchen countertops can be expensive, but worth it, as it adds a lot of value. Declutter your surfaces and leave a bowl of fresh fruit out to give the place a lived-in feel. Take out any bulky appliances that won’t ever be used and clean their places to perfection. You should upgrade the plumbing fixtures, but keep in mind you may not recoup their full value, even if it helps you sell faster.