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Ask the Estate Agent These Questions When You Want to Buy a Home


Whenever you want to buy a house, there are a few questions you will need to ask of your estate agent. The questions will help before you make an offer and you negotiate prices. Let’s get started:


  • Why is the Owner Selling the Home?

One of the first and most important questions to ask when you’re looking for property. The estate agent isn’t obliged to answer, but if you are convincing enough, they may drop some hints about the circumstances of the sale. You may understand whether the owner was desperate to sell or not, and what the underlying reasons may be. Would you need to know specific facts about the home you’re buying? The biggest fear you may experience when you’re buying is to miss out on some negative about the property that may have skipped your attention. There are many details you could pay attention to, such as environmental factors, unpleasant neighbours and more. All of those could help lower the price or even make the purchase pointless if the area is hard to live in. If you have any doubts about the home, ask some neighbours nearby for more information before you commit.


  • How Did the Property’s Value Change in the Last Few Years?

This information should be easy to find on the Land Registry website, so check it out and see the previous sold prices. Be ready to ask questions about the changes to the property’s value, especially if there were any drops in those in recent years.


  • What about the Local Neighbourhood?

What is the local crime rate? What schools are available for children? What are the transportation links like? What is the location of the nearest petrol station and food store? There are many questions to ask, but you can also do the same by doing some research of your own.


  • Are there Local Plans that May Affect the Homeowners?

If you are viewing a property because you enjoy the landscape, you are undoubtedly interested in keeping it looking the same way for years. If there are plans underway for new housing development in these fields, you will want to know of that sooner or later. Ask about this possibility before you make a purchase, otherwise, you’ll need to deal with the consequences later on.


  • What Does the Sale Include?

You should ask that question to your estate agent. Knowing whether the garden shed or the greenhouse of the property are included, whether the fittings and fixtures are part of it, knowing where the boundary of the property lies. All of those questions are worth asking and knowing before you commit to the purchase. A good conveyancing solicitor will ensure your purchase has all of that agreed upon on a viewing verbally. You should compare quotes from the local conveyancing solicitors as soon as possible.


  • How Long has the Property Been on the Market?

If the home has been on the market for longer than three months, then you should ask the agent why the property isn’t selling. Are there any problems that the people have spotted that you haven’t? Is the price too much for the average buyer?


  • How Long have the Owners Lived on the Property?

If the current owners have decided on moving out after a short period of ownership, you need to find the reasons why. This is extremely important before you make a purchase, as you may be setting yourself up for owning a property that is hard to sell.


  • How Many Times Did the Property Change Hands?

You need to be aware of any possible issues if the property has been changing hands repeatedly over a short period. You need to find the reasons and you may need to contact the previous owners to ask why they decided to sell


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